As stage manager, sound director, technical manager or even as end user, we all faced the problem of microphones laid on a table during conferences or television broadcast.

Untimely making noise as it is laid when the microphone just doesn’t roll and fall off the table leading to noise, damages and embarrassment for the speaker and the technician.

Some tricks are used, from batteries fixed with adhesive tape to a piece of cotton bent in several thick layers but they appear neither practical nor aesthetic.

Adopt POK !

Universal microphone base

Today, we launch POK, a practical, light and universal microphone base that will allow you to silently and safely lay microphones on tables or cases, but also, thanks to its 6 colors range, to identify the microphone of each user.

The height has been set up so that the head of the microphone doesn’t touch the table and the width allows to welcome the vast majority of microphones.