repose micro mousse pok blanc
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Say stop to POC

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repose micro mousse noir
repose micro mousse noir
repose micro en mousse 4 couleurs
Forgot the POC nose and protect your microphone

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You are stage manager, technical director, rental company… You faced this unpleasant situation of a microphone laid on a table and got the awful poc noise or a simple fall on the ground ?

Your new habit, lay your microphones on POK

picto pratique

Pratical foam base

Small, discreet and light, can be used everywhere

picto france

Made in France

Design and made in France

picro prix

Low Price

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4 POK black

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repose micro mousse noir

4 POK white

26.90 €EXCL. VAT

repose micro mousse blanc

4 POK 4 colors

26.90 €EXCL. VAT

Customise your POK

4 repose micro couleur en mousse

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4 colors


We were looking for a simple and efficient solution to lay our microphones, we at last found it.

Etienne, sound director in congress center

Practical and easy to carry, POK are on our side on each event we’re working on, to guarantee a clean and quiet stage.

Matthieu, technicial director at KOULISS

We’re done with noise pollution and risks of microphone drop, POK is a waranty for us.

Alice, hotel business manager